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Eve Hewson
Like many of us, Eve Hewson spent lockdown
living back at her family home. It might have
felt like a surreal place to watch her new show, 
The Luminaries, take off, but as the daughter
of rock star Bono and businesswoman and
activist Ali Hewson, the actor has spent her
whole life skipping between the extravagance
of the entertainment world and the grounded
routine of her home life. Though flying on
tour as a family sounds enviably glamorous,
Hewson speaks frankly about the perspective
her parents instilled in her and the ways it
informs her approach to her work now,
making it clear she has no interest in anyone
putting her on a pedestal for her job.

Moving on from the wondrous world of 
The Luminaries — a mystical mini-series
based on Eleanor Catton’s 2013 novel of
the same name — next she will star in
Netflix’s Behind Her Eyes, a twisting
psychological drama about a single mother
[Simona Brown], who takes a part-time job
in a psychiatrist’s office, becomes entangled
in an affair with her boss [Tom Bateman] and
forms an unlikely friendship with his wife [Hewson]. 

From her temporary home in London,
Hewson speaks to her friend and fellow
Irish actor Jamie Dornan, who she met
a few years ago filming Robin Hood.
Looking back on the tutor who first got
her into acting, she reflects on her journey
so far, following her work around the world,
and the one piece of family advice she’s ignored. 

Interview by Jamie Dornan

Photographed by Jack Bridgland
Styled by Toni-Blaze Ibekwe
Hair by Ken O’Rourke at Premier Hair and Makeup
Makeup by Mary Greenwell at Premier Hair and Makeup
Nails by Julia Babbage at Frank Agency
Editorial Director Huw Gwyther
Fashion Assistants Anastasia Busch, Nami Galvan and Phoebe Tyler