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Ba-Tic Gilet


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 A classic gilet updated with C.P. Company fabrics and details. The piece is garment dyed and features four secure front pockets, a ribbed neckline, a side adjuster and a C.P. Company Lens detail on the left chest pocket. Mixed with Flatt Nylon, Ba-Tic takes its name from the traditional batik process where multicoloured designs are created by using wax as a resist to multiple colour over-dyeing. The fabric for the Ba-Tic pieces is a RFD (Ready For Dyeing) waxed broadcloth. The wax treatment, trapped in the seams, provides the resist.

  •  Batik Wax Resistance
  •  Garment Dyed
  •  Four Secure Front Pockets
  •  Ribbed Neckline
  •  Side Adjuster
  •  Lens Detail Chest Pocket