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EuroSchirm x And Wander Umbrella UV


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Founded in 1919, Eurosilm is a brand created by EBERHARD GOBEL, which is based in Ulm, Germany, a company that carefully selects materials and makes high-quality and high-performance umbrellas. Despite its amazingly light weight, the Swing light Flex Umbrella is extremely durable and will not sag in light winds.


  • Arms radially attached from the center of the ribs form a spiral when a strong wind is received, which allows the wind pressure to escape
  • The specially coated frame made of durable skeleton
  • The fiberglass arm are lightweight, have insulation, and have a low risk of lightning strike
  • The fabric is made of super lightweight polyester material with excellent tear resistance
  • Water resistance with DuPont Teflon treatment.
  • UV cut function
  • POLYESTER 100% Frame High density fiberglass
  • 260g