New brand: Studio ALCH

In all of fashion’s history, clothes have been divided in two different kinds: formal, elegant clothing and casual, sportive clothing. The first category is for work, meetings, dinners and fancy occasions, the second is for everything else: from a sunday rendez vous to a session at the gym.

Today, australian designer Alexandra Hackett (@miniswoosh) is challenging all of that, proposing a collection that manages to be comfortable without looking too casual. The main idea is that you should be able to leave your house to go to work and then hit the gym with the same clothes on.

Her London-based brand Studio ALCH is a healthy example of sustainability that meets functionality: clothes are often made from recycled or regenerated garments, and are always produced with eco-compatibility in mind.

Today, Degli Uberti is honored to welcome this new, eccentric brand to our family: Studio ALCH is now available both in-store and on

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