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Vintage White

Hailing from South Korea, IYSO is a unique sneaker brand with a passion for creating effective and harmonious products. Led by Creative Director Jamie Lee, IYSO takes a distinct approach, infusing nature and culture into their sneakers' design.

ACUMIK takes its inspiration from the serene world of ZEN GARDEN culture. Its mission is to craft a tranquil and balanced running experience, veering away from the conventional notion of sporty running shoes. By likening the arrangement of sand, gravel, rocks, and trees in a Zen Garden to the rhythms of Mother Nature, ACUMIK's product design comes to life.

The proprietary "IYSO-METRY" outsole is ingeniously fashioned with the contours of a Zen Garden's sandy expanse, emphasizing the significance of lines meeting the ground—a symbolic amalgamation of IYSO's core principles.


  • IYSO-METRY Extra wide bottom Outsole
  • Comfort and stability suitable for all people through the shock absorption system
  • Arch supporters made of TPU act as the central axis of the IYSO-METRY cushioning system
  • 90's Style Running shoes
  • Earth-friendly Cotton dust bag
  • Elastic narrow fit shoelaces