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Chrome-R Mixed Jacket


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Infinity 843

A short jacket crafted in a padded and mixed Flatt Nylon fabric. The garment features a detachable hood, full zip fastening, secure front pockets and has a C.P. Company Lens detail on the sleeve pocket. Made with Chrome-R, a woven multifilament nylon derived from the types used in military canvas fabrics, offering a near impermeable barrier against water and wind. Developed exclusively for garment dyeing, Chrome-R resists the pigmenting process, which generates lighter and more vibrant tones in the finished garment.


  • Recycled yarn
  • Mixed with Flatt Nylon
  • With Padding
  • Detachable Hood
  • Full Zip Fastening
  • Secure Front Pockets
  • Lens Detail Sleeve Pocket