by Fabrizio Borriello - 17/11/21


From the need for new sensations and continuous stimuli, Degli Uberti has created the GOOD PRACTICE format.

An idea crafted with the intention of accompanying its community on a unique path, through a sequence of exclusive events.

Chief among them: Bittersweet. An event completely aimed at discovering the flavors of a coffee called "specialty", with completely different tastes with respect to the canonical ones.

For this occasion, Degli Uberti relied on the wise guidance of an expert in the sector: Andrea Urbani.

Specialty coffee, explains Andrea, is characterized by strong and complex flavors.

Furthermore, unlike classic coffees that are drunk every day in the various bars, of which no origin is known, specialty coffee is always accompanied by its own "identity card": a label that makes the consumer knowledgeable about the origin of the beans, the variety of coffee, the production process and even the altitude at which the beans were harvested.

Thanks to the collaboration of one of the most important roasteries in Rome, Faro, Andrea decided to let the participants of the event taste two varieties of coffee, with two different preparations:

The first one, called Humure, grown in Rwanda, is prepared in espresso, by using the machine provided by La Marzocco. It offers a high flavor, balanced malic acidity and a light vegetable note when tasted;

The second one, Finca Los Guacharos, grown in Colombia, was, instead, prepared with the Pour Over technique.

Pour Over is a process that involves inserting freshly ground coffee into a filter paper, placed on a glass jug. Meanwhile, water is heated in a kettle, which, once it reaches temperature, is slowly poured over the ground coffee.

In about two minutes, the water slowly descends through the ground coffee, the filter does its job and the coffee begins to flow. The sensation is similar to that of drinking an infusion. In the case of Finca Los Guacharos, when you taste it, you will notice notes of black cherry, cocoa, cherry and plum.

The two varieties of coffee were accompanied by the tasting of two mignons, provided by Casa Manfredi, a pastry shop in Rome, Viale Aventino. “Ecstasy” was combined with Humure: an almond shortcrust pastry with Humure coffee nectar and a chantilly cream of hazelnut praline. Finca Los Guacharos, on the other hand, was matched with the “Red Carpet”: a financier with almond powder and Finca Los Guacharos coffee, 56% dark chocolate mousse, candied black cherry and raspberry gel.

In addition, Degli Uberti gave to thirty of its best customers a small box containing Humure ground coffee, to be prepared in Moka pot, and an artisanal cup made by hand by the ceramist Franzi.

The cups have been designed by combining a rough part with a smooth part, where the lips rest, to provide a firm grip and a silky sensation when drinking coffee. Below them, a numbering from 1 to 30 has been engraved, to make them unique.

Therefore, Bittersweet has been the first of a long series of events focused on Degli Uberti's lifestyle concept.